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My response surprised me!

This week we received a follow-up call from Nicks neurologist. Nicks seizure med blood levels weren’t optimal so he increased one of the doses of one of the meds.  It is a dose Nick has taken before when we would be traveling and he needed extra meds to combat the stress of changing time zones.

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Gone Again!

Nick loves airplanes. Playing with them, watching them take off and land, traveling on them, everything.  Arden and I are very blessed.  This trip we are not heading to Ireland, instead, we are going to Kentucky to visit family, do Halloween, a birthday celebration and get lots of hugs from grandchildren. In the middle of

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What is today’s lesson?

Some days are hectic and some are relaxing.  Each one carries a potential lesson for us.  It is up to us to ponder, meditate and discover the lesson.  Some of life’s lessons are hard, others are easy.  Some lessons are learned through one experience, and others seem to take a lifetime. Quite a few times

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Achievement is not the measure of value.

We live in a world that honors high achievement.  I was raised in a family culture that expected excellence in school, in sports and in my career.  There is nothing wrong with working hard to achieve goals.  However, if this intense goal-oriented life is accompanied by self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough, then

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Search for the common ground.

People do things because it makes sense to them.  We may not understand their perspective because we haven’t had the same life experiences. If we honestly make an effort, we may discover and learn something new. I have a few friends who have different perspective and ideas than I do.  For some it is religion,

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Events cause priorities to shift.

Just like most everyone I know, my calendar of scheduled appointments gets filled up.  Not all of these appointments are work related, some are lunches or dinners with friends.  Some of my appointments are self-care and pampering as well.  My days are busy.  Until something happens with Nick. Then everything changes in a moment.  My

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Nick was Determined!

Some days for Nick are better than others.  His capabilities and capacities seem to be variable.  When he is having a good day, we encourage him by letting him be as independent as possible in his self-care.  Sometimes if we are in a hurry or forget that he can do a task, he will remind

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Life is full of opposites.

Yesterday as I was working on my draft rewrite of the book I am writing about being Nick’s mom, I noticed something incredible.  Our lives are full of experiences that create opposing emotions. For example, Nick was almost four when Derek was born.   The pregnancy was difficult for me, especially the last two months,

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Keep on going, and going, and going.

I was chatting this morning with a mom who’s 16-year-old daughter has the same syndrome as our Nick.  She said that just when she thinks that she can’t do anymore, then somehow she keeps on going, just like the Energizer Bunny. I have an Energizer Bunny Christmas tree ornament that reminds me that I can

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When things go south.

We have all had those days.  They start out great, amazing in fact.  And then somewhere in the middle, a crisis rears its ugly head.  Sometimes we are caught completely unawares and other times we know “the particular event” is coming. Well that happened to Nick on Sunday afternoon.  To remind you of the timeline,

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Announcing that I have finished a book with the working title of “The Fairy Fort.” I am currently pitching it to publishers. Keep checking back to watch the progress of my newest novel.

Here is a quick glimpse of the story.

Sarah Doherty is an 18-year-old living in rural Ireland at the tail end of the Great War. Plagued by severe epilepsy, she is protected by her parents and lives a sheltered, secluded, lonely life. The Fae, local Irish fairies, interfere with her life. She falls forward a century in time through the local fairy fort of standing stones. She had a seizure in 1918 and woke up in 2020. The 21st century world includes life-saving prescriptions, physical comforts and the independence and freedom she seeks. The locals are welcoming and Andy Mclaughlin, a handsome young historian, is intriguing. She doesn’t want to return home.

Then a letter arrives from Boston divulging the story of Sarah and Andy’s lives that are deeply entwined in the previous century. They are not yet in love but as they seek to verify the letter through online resources, they feel a growing obligation to their unborn family and to each other. What would happen to their posterity living in Boston if they don’t return to 1918? Even if they do make it back, her parents can never know what happened to her or that would change everything.

This Young Adult time-travel romance explores the question: Do we have the freedom to make choices or is free will an elaborate illusion?

This is my third book. I love reading time travel romances. I am an advocate for epilepsy awareness because my 43-year-old son has intractable epilepsy. As a genealogist specializing in Irish research, I live part of the year in the village where the story is based. I wrote the book to help young adults understand that difficult situations can change your life. Sometimes miraculously.