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February 2018

I want to be honest, but can I?

I watched a facebook video the other day that had gone viral.  A brave young mother tearfully shared her feelings about her life caring for her child with autism.  She said, “Some days it is not ok.”  My heart swelled with pride and compassion for her, then clamped down with fear.  I couldn’t read the comments

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Initially I thought my day was ordinary.

Yesterday, at the end of the day I thought, “Today was an ordinary day during tax season.”  I met with clients, I worked on files in between appointments, made phone calls, talked to Arden and Nick, I was tired, ate meals, etc.  Typical day, nothing special. Then, almost immediately, little vignettes of the day flooded

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Today, do what is possible.

Yesterday, after six weeks of working on riding our stationary bike, I rode 26 minutes.  At the beginning of January, I was able to ride about 5 minutes.  I had worked up to 15 minutes every day after a few weeks, but then I fell off the wagon and didn’t ride for a week.  So

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We never know what today will bring.

Every day when we wake up, it is a clean slate. Oh we have made plans and scheduled events, but as my mom always told me, “man proposes, God disposes!” Nick woke us up last night at about 2 am coughing and sneezing. We did get back to sleep after a little while, but this

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Cherish the life we live.

Today in the car we were singing along to an ’80’s station on the radio.  Then Kool & the Gang’s hit song “Cherish,” came on.  Nick loves this song.  It was very moving to hear him singing along with the chorus, “Cherish the love we have We should cherish the life we live Cherish the

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Resolutions and Rededications for One Day.

What happened!  I was so motivated, again.  I had all the best intentions, I bought all the right stuff.  Clothes, equipment, I even got a cute water bottle.  Glass of course.  I started out dedicated and gung-ho.  This time it was going to be different.  Again. I did great for two weeks.  I rode my

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Save the best for last.

Nick was about seven when he finally gained the skills to feed himself.  It was a long road, but he finally got there.  He spent many years, three meals a day, eating food that was pureed in a blender.  It was the only consistency he could manage to swallow without choking.  Then he graduated to

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Achievement Is Impressive, Hard Work Is Inspiring.

Today we watched the NFL Super Bowl game.  I always find the ads interesting.  Some are funny and some are strange.  But the ones that I remember best are the ones that show the athletes competing in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.  All of the athletes that I saw on TV today, both

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To be or not to be? Your choice!

It seems that there are daily opportunities for me to become offended.  Bad drivers in traffic stress me out, people in grocery store lines say rude things, phone solicitation sales personnel try and scam me , the list goes on and on.  In each of these situations I can easily rationalize or justify my strong

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Sometimes I am sad.

There are days when my emotions bubble closer to the surface than other days.  Stories that I hear are more poignant.  Even if they are reports told on the TV by dispassionate newscasters.  These stories prick my heart.  This seems especially true when I am already feeling some grief. Just over a month ago, Arden’s

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Announcing that I have finished a book with the working title of “The Fairy Fort.” I am currently pitching it to publishers. Keep checking back to watch the progress of my newest novel.

Here is a quick glimpse of the story.

Sarah Doherty is an 18-year-old living in rural Ireland at the tail end of the Great War. Plagued by severe epilepsy, she is protected by her parents and lives a sheltered, secluded, lonely life. The Fae, local Irish fairies, interfere with her life. She falls forward a century in time through the local fairy fort of standing stones. She had a seizure in 1918 and woke up in 2020. The 21st century world includes life-saving prescriptions, physical comforts and the independence and freedom she seeks. The locals are welcoming and Andy Mclaughlin, a handsome young historian, is intriguing. She doesn’t want to return home.

Then a letter arrives from Boston divulging the story of Sarah and Andy’s lives that are deeply entwined in the previous century. They are not yet in love but as they seek to verify the letter through online resources, they feel a growing obligation to their unborn family and to each other. What would happen to their posterity living in Boston if they don’t return to 1918? Even if they do make it back, her parents can never know what happened to her or that would change everything.

This Young Adult time-travel romance explores the question: Do we have the freedom to make choices or is free will an elaborate illusion?

This is my third book. I love reading time travel romances. I am an advocate for epilepsy awareness because my 43-year-old son has intractable epilepsy. As a genealogist specializing in Irish research, I live part of the year in the village where the story is based. I wrote the book to help young adults understand that difficult situations can change your life. Sometimes miraculously.