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Look guys, I rich!

I received another life lesson in perspective from Nick.  You might remember that almost two years ago, he negotiated with his dad and I to receive $20 a week from us.  Well the past couple of weeks have been hectic in the Gremmert household and I forgot to give him his money.  The other afternoon, he reminded me.  Not very subtly.  He said, “Where is my 20 dollars from you?”

I felt terrible and said, “How many weeks did I forget, Nick.”

“Three times,” was the reply.

When I handed him the three $20 bills, Nick’s face lit up.  Looking at the money in his hand and then glancing at both Arden and me, he remarked, “Look guys, I rich!” Then he turned and put it away in his special place.

I thought, I wish my life was that simple.  I wish I could feel that same happiness.

Why not? I pondered, What keeps getting in my way? That question kept swirling around in my head for the rest of the day.

The next morning Arden asked me, “What do you need?” He meant, did I need breakfast, or something.  I did answer him, but his question combined with the previous day’s thoughts helped me to remember that life can be really that simple.

Like Nick, I too am rich.  There is nothing that I need.  I am surrounded by loved ones who care about me, living in a warm and comfortable home.  Although we work long hours for our money, especially during tax season, I can work and the money is available.

Oh sure, there are things in my life that frustrate me.  Things happen that I wish wouldn’t, and I get caught up in the drama of the moment.  But then I have moments of clarity that distill upon my mind helping me regain balance and perspective.  These moments usually follow something Nick has said.  Sometimes that slight shift in my thinking makes all the difference in my ability to see clearly and be grateful.

Gratitude is the key to optimism.  As I make the effort to focus on the positive, my perspective changes, and my view of the difficult circumstances alters.  Peace and calm replace the overwhelming storm that has enveloped me and I am comforted.  I have experienced this lesson many times and I am grateful that Nick reminds me again and again.  I am learning.

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  1. We are rich, especially when we take a moment to think, and appreciate all that God had blessed us with.

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