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There Are Angels Among Us.

Music is very important to Nick and often he wakes up singing.  Today it was Alabama’s hit “Angels Among Us.”  Some of the lyrics are circling my mind long after he had moved onto the next song.
“Oh, I believe there are Angels Among Us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hour to show us how to live
To teach us how to give
To guide us with a light of love.
They wear so many faces,
Show up in the strangest places
And grace us with their mercies in our time of need.”
Memories like a video kaleidoscope flooded my mind.  People have been so kind and welcoming to Nick throughout his life.  Oh there were some who were not but for the most part, we have been blessed.  Some were strangers and others are dear friends.
Yesterday we approached a new restaurant.  Arden was pushing Nick in his wheelchair and he asked me to go ahead to “scout” it out.  As I pushed through the narrow door, the manager approached and asked if he could help us.  “There is a better door around the side of the building…” I turned to tell Arden and two servers said, “We have a nice table up at the back.  You will be comfortable there.”  The chef agreed to make Nick a toasted cheese sandwich which was not on the menu.  They turned our lunch into a memorable experience.
Last Sunday was the Christmas tree lighting in Carndonagh, Ireland.  It was pouring rain, drenching everyone, as we listened to the brass band heralding Santa’s arrival on the front of the town firetruck.  Nick was in his wheel chair, moving his head from side to side catching a glimpse of red through the crowd.  A woman standing next to us noticed Nick’s straining and asked her two boys to “move aside so that the man might see Santa too.”  They had been intent on seeing the man themselves, but they stepped back and pointed out to Nick where he could better see Santa.  I witnessed an amazing moment of subtle parental teaching and the increased awareness her children displayed.  And Nick got to see Santa.
Nick is constantly trying to connect with other people.  He greets them with love and acceptance.  Reaching out his hand, with a huge smile, “Hello” he clearly says.  Some will return the greeting, smiling back at Nick.  Others turn away.  Not to be deterred, Nick will move on to the next one until someone says “Hello” back to him.  I love watching other people when they interact with Nick.
I do believe that there are angels among us.  If we become more aware of others we will notice things that we can do, even little things, and thus become angels to others also.
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Here is a quick glimpse of the story.

Sarah Doherty is an 18-year-old living in rural Ireland at the tail end of the Great War. Plagued by severe epilepsy, she is protected by her parents and lives a sheltered, secluded, lonely life. The Fae, local Irish fairies, interfere with her life. She falls forward a century in time through the local fairy fort of standing stones. She had a seizure in 1918 and woke up in 2020. The 21st century world includes life-saving prescriptions, physical comforts and the independence and freedom she seeks. The locals are welcoming and Andy Mclaughlin, a handsome young historian, is intriguing. She doesn’t want to return home.

Then a letter arrives from Boston divulging the story of Sarah and Andy’s lives that are deeply entwined in the previous century. They are not yet in love but as they seek to verify the letter through online resources, they feel a growing obligation to their unborn family and to each other. What would happen to their posterity living in Boston if they don’t return to 1918? Even if they do make it back, her parents can never know what happened to her or that would change everything.

This Young Adult time-travel romance explores the question: Do we have the freedom to make choices or is free will an elaborate illusion?

This is my third book. I love reading time travel romances. I am an advocate for epilepsy awareness because my 43-year-old son has intractable epilepsy. As a genealogist specializing in Irish research, I live part of the year in the village where the story is based. I wrote the book to help young adults understand that difficult situations can change your life. Sometimes miraculously.