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Amazon has “Our Time To Dance, A Mother’s Journey to Joy” for sale!

You might have already heard, but in case you haven’t, here is the good news…

You can buy my book today!  To find the book, go to Amazon and search on my name, Eva Doherty Gremmert.  It will take you to my author’s page and you can then click on the book.  It’s purple of course.  This is Nick’s favorite color and the color for the Epilepsy Foundation and the Lennox-Gastaut Foundation.

After you purchase the book, please take the time to share the Amazon book page.  The upper right hand section of the page has the links to share on your own email, Facebook page, Twitter account and Pinterest pages.  Also, I would love it if you decided to write a review for Amazon when you have read my book to encourage others.

Some of you on this email list have participated in the group of our pre-launch reviewers.  I am so grateful for your support.

On Sunday October 6th my YouTube channel will have my newest video to view.  This video introduces the book and the central message of hope and joy I am sharing with the world.  To find the channel, go to YouTube.com, then search on my name, Eva Doherty Gremmert. You can watch the videos without subscribing, however if you want to know when we post new videos, click the subscribe button.  I encourage you to share the videos and post comments to help generate public interest in our message.

In addition to the professionally produced book promotion video, we have a few ‘home movies’ of Nick to watch.  The most recent is the cutest video of him carefully signing books in preparation for our upcoming event!

The Book Launch and Book Signing Party.
Join us on Monday October 14th, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Nick, Eva and Arden will be in the Assembly Room at the Riverview School District’s Educational Service Center (ESC) at 15510 – 1st Ave NE, Duvall, WA 98014.  We will have books available to purchase, and cookies to eat.  If you have already received your book, bring it along to get it signed.  Invite your friends and family and let’s fill the Assembly Room with our celebration!

We are so excited about everything that is happening.  Join us to share these wonderful moments.

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Announcing that I have finished a book with the working title of “The Fairy Fort.” I am currently pitching it to publishers. Keep checking back to watch the progress of my newest novel.

Here is a quick glimpse of the story.

Sarah Doherty is an 18-year-old living in rural Ireland at the tail end of the Great War. Plagued by severe epilepsy, she is protected by her parents and lives a sheltered, secluded, lonely life. The Fae, local Irish fairies, interfere with her life. She falls forward a century in time through the local fairy fort of standing stones. She had a seizure in 1918 and woke up in 2020. The 21st century world includes life-saving prescriptions, physical comforts and the independence and freedom she seeks. The locals are welcoming and Andy Mclaughlin, a handsome young historian, is intriguing. She doesn’t want to return home.

Then a letter arrives from Boston divulging the story of Sarah and Andy’s lives that are deeply entwined in the previous century. They are not yet in love but as they seek to verify the letter through online resources, they feel a growing obligation to their unborn family and to each other. What would happen to their posterity living in Boston if they don’t return to 1918? Even if they do make it back, her parents can never know what happened to her or that would change everything.

This Young Adult time-travel romance explores the question: Do we have the freedom to make choices or is free will an elaborate illusion?

This is my third book. I love reading time travel romances. I am an advocate for epilepsy awareness because my 43-year-old son has intractable epilepsy. As a genealogist specializing in Irish research, I live part of the year in the village where the story is based. I wrote the book to help young adults understand that difficult situations can change your life. Sometimes miraculously.