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Mom, I ok!

Mom, I ok!

If you ask Nick, today is the best day of the year.  It is even better than Christmas or Easter, or anything.  It is his birthday.  Born in 1979, he is 38 today.  Each year, he is so excited as he anticipates the arrival of the 19th of August.  There are so many facts and

Today, do what is possible.
Today, do what is possible.

Yesterday, after six weeks of working on riding our stationary bike, I rode 26 minutes.  At the beginning of January, I was able to ride about 5 minutes.  I had worked up to 15 minutes every day after a few weeks, but then I fell off the wagon and didn’t ride for a week.  So

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We never know what today will bring.
We never know what today will bring.

Every day when we wake up, it is a clean slate. Oh we have made plans and scheduled events, but as my mom always told me, “man proposes, God disposes!” Nick woke us up last night at about 2 am coughing and sneezing. We did get back to sleep after a little while, but this

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Cherish the life we live.
Cherish the life we live.

Today in the car we were singing along to an ’80’s station on the radio.  Then Kool & the Gang’s hit song “Cherish,” came on.  Nick loves this song.  It was very moving to hear him singing along with the chorus, “Cherish the love we have We should cherish the life we live Cherish the

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I am Nick's mom
  • Today, do what is possible.
  • We never know what today will bring.
  • Cherish the life we live.
  • Resolutions and Rededications for One Day.
  • Save the best for last.
  • Achievement Is Impressive, Hard Work Is Inspiring.
  • To be or not to be? Your choice!
  • Sometimes I am sad.

Great perspective. It's like having a front row seat to an absolutely amazing story. You will fall in love with this family, and learn why Nick's life is a life worth living.

Christina Stevulak

Eva amuses us by sharing the perceptive, treasured statements Nick surprises us with. She also makes our hearts ache as we walk with her, and the family, in the dark hours.  Her direct telling of her story as Nick’s Mom lifts us all to compassion and understanding.

Maureen Hoffmann

Straight from-the-heart, with frankness and celebration, Eva Gremmert writes about both the difficulties and joys of raising her disabled son, Nick, to manhood.

Natalie Jackson

Eva Gremmert captures human events and interactions in a simple, straightforward but intuitive way that makes what she has to say profound on a level that engages, teaches, and inspires her readers.

Karen Felt

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