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Information about seizures.

Information about seizures.

Our son Nick has epilepsy.  He has an epilepsy syndrome called Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, or LGS.  It is a type of epilepsy with multiple different types of seizures that begins in childhood.  The seizures are hard to control and require life-long treatment.  Intellectual and behavioral problems add to the difficulty of managing life with LGS.

The Creative Process Brings Joy.
The Creative Process Brings Joy.

It is fun to watch Nick working on Art projects.  Some of them are more difficult than he can accomplish without assistance.  With other projects he is completely independent, but regardless of the amount of help he needs, when the project is finished, he feels empowered.  “I did it.  I do Arts and Crafts.”  You

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Honor Thy Father.
Honor Thy Father.

Today is my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 87 today.  If he was here we would be having a massive cake with lots of candles.  He would joke about needing a fire extinguisher nearby.  He has been gone 25 years so the last time we had candles for him, there were quite a bit

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Be willing to try new things.
Be willing to try new things.

Nick is a great example to me.  One thing that was obvious from the first time he started physical therapy when he was a year old was that he was willing to try new things.  He is open to new experiences and challenges. I often will look at the task at hand and determine in

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I am Nick's mom
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  • Fighting.
  • How's Nick?
  • Helpless.
  • You fix this?
  • Be Brave.
  • Avoidance.

Great perspective. It's like having a front row seat to an absolutely amazing story. You will fall in love with this family, and learn why Nick's life is a life worth living.

Christina Stevulak

Eva amuses us by sharing the perceptive, treasured statements Nick surprises us with. She also makes our hearts ache as we walk with her, and the family, in the dark hours.  Her direct telling of her story as Nick’s Mom lifts us all to compassion and understanding.

Maureen Hoffmann

Straight from-the-heart, with frankness and celebration, Eva Gremmert writes about both the difficulties and joys of raising her disabled son, Nick, to manhood.

Natalie Jackson

Eva Gremmert captures human events and interactions in a simple, straightforward but intuitive way that makes what she has to say profound on a level that engages, teaches, and inspires her readers.

Karen Felt

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