You not see me.

Today’s Nick story is just plain funny.  We were watching a recorded singing competition TV reality show and although the show wasn’t over, it was time to put Nick in bed.  With a typical kid response, he said, “No I go to bed.”  And also typically as parents we said, “At the end of this singer’s performance, you will need to go to bed.”

Our attention returned to the TV.  At the end of the song, I turned toward Nick and was ready to get him moving toward bed when I saw his head down on the table.  Alarmed that he might be having a seizure, I said, “What’s happening?  Are you ok?”  I heard a muffled response.  Usually I can understand what he is saying, and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make out the words.  I then noticed that he was holding his towel over his face.  I again queried, “Nick what are you doing?  Are you ok?”

This time it was a little clearer, “I hiding.  You not see me!”  Arden and I couldn’t contain our laughter.  Arden asked, “Why are you hiding?”  From under the towel we heard the muffled answer, “You not see me, no I go to bed yet!”

It is marvelous and miraculous to us when Nick responds with typical kid behavior.  We love it.  We couldn’t even be mad at his resistance to the routine.  It was hilarious and refreshingly normal.  And he was right.  We didn’t put him in bed until after the show.

I just wanted to share this funny story tonight.  Life is better if we find the humor in the little things.

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