It’s the music.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, a wonderful day for our family, full of worship, food, fun and music.  Nick has always been comforted by music.  Even as an infant when it was difficult to soothe him, I discovered that singing to him would stop his crying.  Later when he had endless doctor and therapy appointments, the radio became our constant companion throughout the hour long journey up and down the freeway.

Nick, Arden and I are members of our church choir.  Nick loves to learn the music and will sing along sometimes when we are practicing and performing.  He has a huge smile on his face during choir practice and performances, as he sits between the tenor and bass section, loving the experience of being surrounded by the music.  The piece we performed on Easter Sunday was written in 1713 as part of Bach’s cantata “Was Mir Behagt.”  As we sang the english version, “Sheep may safely graze,” accompanied by piano and viola, I watched the audience emotionally respond to the music.  It was magical to think that this piece was over 300 years old and is still touching hearts.

Nick loves music.  His response is the same whether it is a private performance, a concert with a hundred attendees or watching a mega-concert on TV.  Like all of us, he is drawn in and transported by the music.  Yesterday afternoon, we watched a recording of Garth Brooks outdoor concert from October 20, 2018 at Notre Dam.  84,000 of his friends in low places braved the rain, snow and wind to participate in the 2 1/2 hour show.  We felt the emotion and were in awe.

For Nick, one of the best things about going to Ireland is the live music.  It is not only the opportunity to hear live music in the pubs of Inishowen, the vocal talent and musicianship is extraordinary there.  Singers will perform covers of popular songs, and you can also hear plenty of original compositions.  Nick loves Irish musicians Phil Coulter, Brian Coll and Shunie Crampsey. Two summers ago we were able to hear all three live.  Shunie and Brian played in a small venue on a Sunday afternoon and Nick was right up near the stage.  He still talks about that concert.

I don’t know what it is about music that touches our souls, but it does.  I am grateful to those who have spent countless hours honing their craft.  Our world is blessed because of musicians.

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