Have Patience for the Process.

Nick is an artist.  He loves to create.  He doesn’t really specialize in any specific medium or modality.  He loves trying them all.  Through his day program, Nick and his friends get the opportunity to attend Northwest Art Center in Duvall.  They offer many different experiences with art and Nick loves it.  The art teachers are tremendous and Nick is very proud to show off his work and explain to others what he made there.

This past week they created mosaic trivets.  Nick patiently applied the glue and placed the pieces of colored glass just how he wanted them.  Even though the teachers explained that the glue needed to dry and that they would grout the trivet for him, it was hard for Nick to leave his uncompleted masterpiece behind.  He kept asking me when he would be able to get his mosaic.

I explained that the dried glue and finished grout would make sure that the trivet wouldn’t break apart.  It will be beautiful and strong.  He didn’t understand that it would really be better when the project was completed.  He kept asking.

After a while, I asked him if he would just be patient and wait for the trivet to be done.  I assured him that we would bring his piece home and use it on our counter.  With a big sigh, he said, “Okay, I wait.  I be patient.”  I gave him a big hug and told him that he would be happy with the end product.

I think that he finally really did understand.

I get it.  It is also hard for me to wait when I want a different outcome.  Recently I have been recovering from pneumonia.  I have learned that the recovery time far outlasts the illness itself.  I really do want the process to be complete.  I want my health restored, and I have not always been patient these past few weeks.

When Nick returns to Northwest Art Center and picks up his mosaic, it will be placed in a prominent place on our kitchen counter.  A conversation piece and point of pride for Nick, it will be a physical reminder to me of this important lesson: you can’t rush the process.  Some things take time and the value is often truly realized after the time has passed.

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  • Sandra Doherty Posted April 20, 2019 9:32 pm

    That is going to be a very nice trivet. He has a good eye on how the mosaic should look.

  • Karen Posted April 22, 2019 5:38 pm

    Ah, patience… such a wonderful and difficult virtue to cultivate. Way to go for both of you. Love ya.

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