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I often learn life lessons from watching Nick. He is unfiltered in his responses to his life experiences. We have had lots of snow on the ground since Super Bowl Sunday. And while this is common-place for many parts of the world in winter, I have never experienced this length of time dealing with snow before. Neither has Nick.

At first he expressed delight! “Look it snowing. Snow on the ground.”

After a few days, he started asking, “Why it still snowing?”, mirroring my own thoughts.

The second week he began asking, “When the snow be gone?” That made me laugh.

The third week he began praying earnestly that the snow would be done.

Finally, this morning, his prayer changed. He asked that the snow be sent to his friends the Soptichs who recently moved to Eastern Washington.

I do understand his logic: the Soptich’s knew what weather they would experience when they moved.

Observing Nick experiencing this problem helped me realize that I have gone through this same process. At first I am intrigued by the problem and then after a while I wonder why I am still experiencing the problem. Those thoughts often change to me asking when it will be over and finally I begin wishing that someone else had the problem instead of me.

Again Nick is my teacher. Have you experienced this process too?

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  • Karen Posted March 4, 2019 4:22 am

    Snow, snow go away, then cone back another day!

  • Jackie Hunter Posted March 18, 2019 7:37 am

    Great insight Eva. Thank you for reminding me to persevere….😊

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