Nick had a surprise visitor today.

This afternoon I learned that someone very special to Nick was going to make a short house-call visit to Nick.  Santa Claus was coming to our house so that Nick could meet with him and let him know what he wanted for Christmas.  

It has been difficult recently to take Nick to public places.  Crowds are not the easiest to navigate with a wheelchair.  And with our recent trip to Ireland and Christmas just over a week away, we didn’t see how we could get to a mall so Nick could see Santa.  

I thought that maybe we could just skip this tradition this year.  But Nick is really persistent and he kept telling us, “Not I see Santa yet.  I need to.  Christmas is coming, you know.”  And there are Santa Claus images, artwork and song references everywhere.  And Nick kept pointing them out to us.  

Even in Carndonagh when the rain was lashing sideways and the line for Santa was two blocks long, he was mad at us when we took him home instead of standing in line.

Santa is a real and necessary part of the holiday to Nick.  So today when Santa kindly said he would come to our home this afternoon, Arden and I were grateful.  My heart was full watching as he talked to Santa and told him what was on his Christmas wish list. 

I don’t know what your specific thoughts are about the tradition of Santa, but today, in my home, this jolly elf in a red suit was the embodiment of service, kindness, caring, giving and love.  To me that is the spirit of Christmas.  

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