Home For The Holidays.

At the holidays thoughts are turned to home.  What actually constitutes our home?  Is it where our family lives or where we were raised?  Is it where we are employed or is it a place that only exists in our memory?  

Today we are heading back home for our own holiday season.  We have been away for a month and are anticipating the time with our children, grandchildren and friends.  The lights and music in the airport lend a cheery atmosphere to an otherwise potentially stressful time.  

It does take a lot of preparation to make a journey, especially in winter if you are in the northern hemisphere.  Crowds of people and long lines to check in can be frustrating and sometimes we lose sight of our goal of spending a joyful time with our loved ones.  

Work and other time commitments can also get in our way, taking our attention away from the current events.  Also, past experiences with family and relations can seem to overshadow the potential of a good holiday.

We try and pack everything we think that we need.   Even that can bring stress.  Our car is tightly packed over the maximum capacity so that even the tires seem to groan with the load.  

An article published in Psychology Today over 5 years ago is still relevant and timely.  It lists 12 ways to help with Holiday Angst.  I like to read it every year at this time as a reminder.  Developing the capacity to care for ourselves and be realistic in our expectations is really important.

We can have a memorable and joyful holiday season.  It really is up to us.  I choose joy and I hope you do too.

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