Celebrating Giving.

The holidays are a special time of the year when we recognize and celebrate generously giving to others.   During this season we are unselfish as we look for places to serve others through volunteering and supporting charitable organizations.  

There are many opportunities in every community to spread Christmas Cheer, this special feeling that one feels at Christmastime.  

Friends of mine volunteer at a soup kitchen during the holidays every year, helping serve a hot meal to those who are homeless.  Others I know collect donated socks, blankets and coats to hand out on the streets of the city throughout the winter.  Choral groups schedule a time to sing carols in nursing homes and hospitals.  Plates of home baked cookies are delivered to friends and neighbors.  Bell ringing Santas collect coins for the Salvation Army.  Donated food is collected at local food banks and new toys are dropped off at the Toys for Tots donation locations.

I believe that once our minds are turned to serving others, we can easily find things that are possible for us to do.  Giving others compliments instead of complaints, saying something nice to others on social media or sending cards in the mail are just a few things that can be easy for anyone to do.  

Community service and volunteerism has a strong tradition in America.  Focusing on helping others and improving their lives is not the only benefit.  Such service will improve the quality of your own life.  

I wish we would spread Christmas Cheer all year long.  How will it change the world if each of us make a little more effort to find ways to give service to others throughout the year?  I have made a commitment to find things I can do.  

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