Can I go on?
  1. Nick loves to sing.  He has memorized hundreds of songs and sometimes he is like a human juke box, singing one song after another, end to end.  This musical feast can get interrupted.  Arden or I might receive a phone call, or there is something we need to talk about or we arrive at our destination mid-song.  Often as soon as the perceived interruption is finished, Nick will say, “Can I go on?”  When we respond, “Yes, you can,” he will pick up the song, even mid-phrase and continue through to the end.  It astounds me that he can remember the exact place he was when he stopped singing.

He doesn’t seem angry or frustrated.  He isn’t offended, he just picks up where he left off and finishes what he set out to do. A great example of single minded persistence.

My response to unseen interruptions has been a little different.  There are times that I have wasted my time and energy with feelings frustration, discouragement and even anger. It would be much simpler to just ask the question “can I go on?” And reengage in my quest.

This is today’s insight from observing Nick, Don’t get discouraged.  Keep on going.

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