What do you want to be?

Sometimes I feel stuck.  It seems that my life is passing me by and I don’t see that there are other choices I can make.

Nick is so excited that Halloween is coming up.  It is not just the opportunity to go trick-or-treating that he looks forward to.  He loves the costumes.  He is currently asking everyone what are they going to be for Halloween?  At first I thought that he meant what costume are you going to wear.  But when I talked to him about it, it became obvious that he sees it differently.  He embodies the character.

In recent years he has dressed up in a pilots uniform.  That is what he is this year too.  He is going to a Halloween party at school this morning and when I helped him into the coat and placed the hat on his head, he looked up into my eyes and said, “I a pilot, mom? I a pilot!”  Yes Nick, today you are a pilot.

We all know how much Nick loves everything about airplanes and if it were possible, I know that he would be a pilot year round just like his older brother Ryan.  For now, he is a pilot for Halloween and flies his toy airplanes.

What are your dreams?  What do you want to be?  What is keeping you from accomplishing that?  Perhaps the first step is to dress up as if you already were.  I wonder if I play-acted for just one day, would that help me believe I could do it?  Sometimes we all sabotage ourselves.  Sometimes we get in our way.  Nick’s belief that he is a pilot when he puts on the uniform and flies his small planes brings him great joy.  Is it simplistic?  Is it that easy?  It might be!

What do I want to be?  I am going to dream.

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