Miracles happen every day!

We had a great time at the Maui Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant.  This picture is of a well-worn sign hanging in the small reception area of the restaurant.  It reminded me to look for miracles.

The first miracle was that, in a restaurant with many levels of tables, there was a ramp down to an available oceanfront table by the open windows.  The afternoon breezes were cool and the setting was beautiful.  Nick loves the movie Forrest Gump and told everyone who would listen that he loved the movie.  We got to talk to the people sitting at the tables on either side of us with that conversation opener.

All the wait-staff seemed interested in meeting Nick and talking to him while we were there.  At that restaurant, there are Stop and Go signs on the table that you can use to get the attention of the servers as they are passing by.  However, we had people stopping without us asking for it, they were drawn to Nick and were asking how everything was going and were we enjoying ourselves.

Even though Nick is 38 and clearly not a child, they were very happy to have him order off of the kids menu which was more in line with his particular culinary tastes.  During the meal, it is tradition for your server to ask you trivia questions about the movie.  Our server was surprised that Nick knew the answers to a lot of the questions.  As I said, Nick loves that movie.  We have watched it many, many times.

I know that this might sound like an advertisement for this restaurant, and I do recommend that people go there.  We love the food and the atmosphere is fun even when you are not at a tropical location.

What was interesting to me was that after seeing the sign quoting the movie, “Miracles happen every day, some people don’t think so, but they do,” I did look for miracles and I did see them.  It changed my outlook that day and shifted my mood.

We all need that reminder.  Miracles do happen every day.  Just look for them!

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