Where is the sun going?

Looking at the world through Nick’s eyes is interesting.  I am often surprised at what he does know and also what he doesn’t.  This evening while watching the sunset at the beach, Nick turned to me and asked, “Where is the sun going? Will it come back?”

Nick is 38 years old and although we don’t always see the sun in the Seattle area every day, he has experienced daylight and nighttime, everyday for over 38 years.  That is a lot of days, and yet he was wondering if the sun was coming back when it left tonight.

Parenting can be difficult at times.  In that moment I wondered if I should explain the concept to him, that the earth rotates around the sun and when the earth had rotated around we would be facing the sun again and it would be morning.  Or did he just need reassurance that the sun would come up tomorrow?   I also thought that maybe he was trying to figure out why the sun was going down just after dinner, when at home it stays light until past bedtime this time of year.

He didn’t articulate his concerns beyond asking if it would come back and when I said yes, that the sun would be up before he was, he seemed satisfied.  I hope that I gave him the answer that he needed.

As a mom, I love my kids.  I try to teach and comfort them as best that I can.  It certainly has been trial and error over the years, but with my other kids, I pretty much know what to expect.  With Nick, I never know what will happen.  He surprises me all the time in many different ways.

Happy Mothers day everyone!  I am grateful to be continually learning how to be a better Mom, Nick keeps teaching me.

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