Today was a good day!

I really enjoy spending time with the attendees at the MIRCI Conferences.  They are women from all over the globe who come together once a year for three days to discuss current issues surrounding women, feminism and motherhood.  It is inspiring to be in the presence of such dedicated, intelligent women, to discuss their concerns and hear their current research results on many issues.

Today I gave my presentation and I have uploaded it to my channel on YouTube  if you would like to watch it.

In addition to my talk entitled “Empowering Mothers of Children with Special Needs,” we heard presentations on Grandmothers providing care for their grandchildren in Israel, The Divine Mommy group program originating in Sarasota, Florida, as well as issues concerning Caring For Others from Australia.  There was a report of a study on the impact of a mothers perspective on the child’s perspectives from New York State, and a paper concerning a fictional story of motherhood support from New Delhi, India.  We were told that as mothers, we can have our cake and eat it too, in a paper reporting that parental partnerships can support currently changing gender roles.  Exciting stuff.

I can’t wait to hear the other reports on the different papers and studies over the next two days.

Here is the biggest lesson that I learned today.  Sometimes I feel isolated, both because of the responsibilities I have in my life and as well as my own perceived separateness.  I realized this afternoon, that although I don’t want to do anything to change the responsibilities that I have, I can change a large portion of the isolation that I feel.

Today I was reminded that my perception is what I believe to be correct about a given situation or series of events.  Just because I perceive it to be a particular way, doesn’t mean that my view is correct.  I need to evaluate my opinions, my view, my perspective and then decide if it really is true.  Perspective can change, paradigm shifts are possible.

When I hear my self say to someone else that I wish my life was different in a particular way, or that I feel stuck in another situation, that line of thinking should ring out loud bells of warning to me.  I need to take note of what I am saying to others and evaluate it.

This will be a challenge for me, but I am excited to begin working on this.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I am going to keep a notebook and a pen available to notate situations and statements that come up for me.  What do you think will work best for you?

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