Is life like a chess game?

Nick lives in the moment.  Yes he can have anxiety about future events, but he doesn’t spend his time strategizing to create certain outcomes in his life.  He either enjoys or tolerates what is currently happening.  Sometimes he does ask, “What’s next?”  But that is usually after he’s finished dinner and he’s wondering what his dessert will be.

I, on the other hand, complicate things.  I envision what might possibly be the logical future outcome of these situational choices.  If I do this, then they will do that, if I say this, they will say that.  Now this can be a useful tool.  It can help avoid some terrible outcomes, but for the most part, life is not like a chess game.  I know that I have missed opportunities because by applying this logic I have talked myself out of doing some things.   We truly don’t know how other people will react and if we let ourselves, we might be pleasantly surprised.

Nick has an open heart towards everyone he meets.  Each person is a potential friend.  He doesn’t logically evaluate outcomes while interacting with others.  He doesn’t try to emotionally protect himself.  He just loves and mostly that is what he receives in return.  To be honest, sometimes he is rebuffed, but not very often.  And when that does happen, he doesn’t let that negative experience change his response to the next person.  His interactions are always the same.  He approaches others with his heart full of love and acceptance.

As humans we do learn from experiencing cause and effect, but somehow Nick has learned to love openly without reservation.  Our lives are blessed because of it.  I am learning to follow his example.  Can you imagine your world if you learned to do that too?  Please share your thoughts with me.

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