Are you willing to ask for help?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from taking Nick in his wheelchair with us wherever we go is to ask for help from others.  A few weeks ago we went to Portland Oregon to see the new Cirque du Soleil show titled Crystal.  It was amazing by the way.  We had never been to the Moda Center with Nick and weren’t sure about their accommodations for accessibility.  I could have been even more proactive and called ahead, but I didn’t this time.

After going through their security, I approached two people who looked official dressed alike in matching red and black coats, holding radios.  They took one look at our entourage and said, come with us, we can help you.  I didn’t even get the chance to ask for help.  We were introduced to Destiny.  She patiently answered Nick’s every question as she guided us through the building to our seats.  She wasn’t expecting it when we handed her a tip, but we keep $5 bills on hand as a thank-you to those who we feel go above and beyond their job description.  She seemed grateful for the recognition and we were certainly grateful for her kind treatment of our Nick.  You can tell by her picture what a sweet person she is.

We have experienced this kind and thoughtful treatment from others whenever we travel with Nick.  A few years ago I decided to begin asking for help from others even when I don’t have Nick with me.  Situations like asking someone if they could hold a door open when I am struggling carrying something, or asking if they could scoot in their chair in a crowded restaurant so I can pass by.  That way, I am not standing there getting upset that no one is helping me.  I avoid the frustration of unmet expectations.

People generally seem willing to help if they are asked.  Most of us live within our own minds and are not always cognizant of what is happening to others around us.  I have found that if I speak up and ask for assistance, I do receive it most of the time.  Of course, there have been times that the other person just looks at me as if I was crazy to ask, and walks away not helping me.  But those times are few and far between and I don’t let that person change my perspective about others.

Be willing to ask for help.  You will meet amazing people like we have and your life will be enriched.  I would really like to hear your experiences with this idea.

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