Initially I thought my day was ordinary.

Yesterday, at the end of the day I thought, “Today was an ordinary day during tax season.”  I met with clients, I worked on files in between appointments, made phone calls, talked to Arden and Nick, I was tired, ate meals, etc.  Typical day, nothing special.

Then, almost immediately, little vignettes of the day flooded my mind.  From one appointment I remembered the tender care that a granddaughter took of her grandmother whom she had driven to the tax appointment.  Their kind laughter brought humor to the moments of forgetfulness that fill the older woman’s life right now.

At another appointment another retired client talked about her three adult children and how attentive they are to her.  One of her sons has hired her for a part time job in his office.  She loves the opportunity to get out of the house and feels pride in earning a little money to care for herself.  She said that someday she might need to be financially supported by her kids, but for now she has some independence and she loves that fact that they know her well and came up with this idea that is perfect for her.

I also saw a video of one of my grandsons reading a book for the first time.  I was very emotional as I felt his sense of accomplishment from watching the video.  My husband was very kind and thoughtful and brought me a yummy dinner as I worked on client files.  He tries to sustain and support me when I am working so hard.

My youngest son Derek learned from his wife’s ultrasound appointment that the new baby they are expecting in July is a boy.  It was fun for me to imagine their household with another energetic boy joining the other three.

See I ultimately did realize that the day was special.  Initially it might have seemed ordinary, but with further introspection I remembered and discovered the moments that were glorious and comforting, tender and uplifting.  The difference was my willingness to look for the beauty in those seemingly typical events.  It changed my perspective.

Look around you, you will find the beautiful moments in your own life.  I promise that it is possible.  Please let me know your experiences with this idea.

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  • Maureen Posted February 22, 2018 2:48 am

    Do YOU even HAVE “ordinary” days… really? (Do any of us, really?) The un-ordinariness contains the fullness of life. And… CONGRATS on the coming July Boy!!!!

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