I want to be honest, but can I?

I watched a facebook video the other day that had gone viral.  A brave young mother tearfully shared her feelings about her life caring for her child with autism.  She said, “Some days it is not ok.”  My heart swelled with pride and compassion for her, then clamped down with fear.  I couldn’t read the comments attached to the video because I didn’t want to see if there were people posting brutal cruel comments in response to her open honesty.

No ones life is easy.  We all experience difficult times and seasons.  The experiences may look different for everyone, but each one creates intense emotion and drama in our own life.  No one is exempt.  So because of that I know that we all have experienced a time when we didn’t believe we could continue on.

My mom used the phrase, “you are at the end of your rope.”  I would envision myself holding onto the end of a frayed rope with one arm, swinging above a deep crevasse over the sharp rocks below, with no visible rescue in sight.  That might sound extreme, but I know we all have felt like that at some time.

I don’t know what to say when someone kindly asks “How are you doing?”  I know the other person is often sincere and truly wants to know how things really are for me, but sometimes I am afraid that the rope will break and I will free-fall downwards heading toward an emotional collapse on the rocks below.  So I hold it all together and say, “We are doing great, Nick is happy.  We live each day as it comes.”

If you hear me say that, just know that I probably need a hug, send up some prayers for me and let me know that you love me.  I don’t think that I can ever be as openly raw as that young mother was on the video in her car but I completely relate to everything that she said.

I believe that our world will be a much better place if we can have empathy for others and treat them with kind compassion.  Look in their eyes, beyond their words and you will begin to see what others are going through.

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  • Loretta Boileau Posted February 27, 2018 8:28 pm

    Such true comments. We all go through tough times when we don’t know if we can hang on; when telling the truth is beyond words to express where we are. At such times, friends who can come alongside, who can hear what we say without words hang on for us as we lose our grasp on the end of our frayed rope…God’s gift in the midst of our chaos. I have been blessed to have had several. I hope I have been one.

  • Maureen Posted February 28, 2018 2:03 am

    Over the years, we’ve been the cushion at the bottom of each other’s free-fall. And I’ll be that for you again when you need it. Sending you a hug, prayers and love, all rolled into one big ball, rolling your way.

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