Mommy, I made you something.  You like it?

Most mothers of pre-school children know the joy of receiving a handmade gift from their child.  Overflowing with love these creative masterpieces are often displayed on refrigerators at home and desks at work.  Although Nick is 38, and I am long past the age when most mothers receive these precious presents, I still get them from him.

Nick knows that I love my herb tea and so yesterday he asked at the pottery place if he could made a herb tea mug for me.  They said yes.  He was so excited.  Arden took a short video of him working on the mug.  Nick Painting a mug.

He picked out the greenware with a shamrock on it and painted it green and pink, my two favorite colors.  Last night when I saw this video, I marvelled at his ability to know what I would like.  He has paid attention.  With intent and strong focus he created something he knew that I would love.

It will be so fun when it is finished and he can bring it home to me.  It is going to be my favorite herb tea mug.  The best thing about it is that each time I use it, I will have the opportunity to think about Nick and how much he wanted to bring me joy through the present he made for me.

Today I decided that I want to pay more attention to my loved ones interests.  I want to notice things about them, so that the gifts I get them for birthdays and holidays are as perfect for them as what Nick is making for me.

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  • Maureen Posted January 6, 2018 1:55 am

    Such focus and concentration as he’s painting! He KNEW he was making something special.

  • Loretta Boileau Posted January 6, 2018 4:21 am

    Sometimes it’s easy & so compelling to get lost in the care-taking we forget to notice the care-giving that is going on from the one we care for. So nicely captured with Nick.

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