Act now because inspiration is fleeting.

We all receive inspiration.  It’s when you have an idea that sparks up your brain and gives you a solution to a problem or a work around for a particular situation or a creative idea for a project or item.  It is exhilarating.

I have found that to be effective, I need to act when inspiration hits me.  If I don’t put the ideas into place. then often I seem to forget about them.  There have been a few times that Arden and I have had a creative idea, but didn’t act.  Then the item appeared in the marketplace a year or two later.  Someone else also had the idea, but they acted upon it and that made all the difference.

I love it when I can see that spark of inspiration reflected on someone else’s face.  This week Arden and I were talking with Nick’s original pediatric neurologist, Dr. Stephen Glass.  Nick was his patient for 30 years, from age 1 to 31.  We still consult with him annually for his insight and counsel.

We talked about his original notes from Nick’s first visits with him.  We reflected on the many times he had been inspired in the treatment plan he prescribed for Nick.  The protocol of medications and treatments was revolutionary 38 years ago and is much more common-place today.

Dr. Glass received the ideas, transmitted the plan to us and we followed his instructions with exactness.  Nick’s life has not been a bed of roses, but we know that it has been remarkable because of the inspired guidance we have received.

This lesson of acting upon inspiration has had dramatic impact in my life.  There is a children’s book series that reflects this idea, “Ordinary People Change the World” by Brad Meltzer.  The author believes that we can all be heroes.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who along with Tenzing Norgay, became the first climbers confirmed to reach the summit of Mount Everest said, “People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”

The first step is to act.  So take the first step, no matter how small or halting.  Overcome the fear, just do it.  It will make all the difference in your life.  Tell me your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.

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