Death is unexpected.

Today is the 25th anniversary of the day my dad moved his residence to Heaven.  He went a few days before the big birthday celebration for Jesus.  Nick celebrates the day people pass away as their Heaven day, to him it is like a birthday.  He remembers loved ones and sends them balloons up to heaven.

A couple of days ago there was a tragic accident in our area.  Of the 87 passengers on an Amtrak train that derailed, 3 were killed and 70 seriously injured.  Another 30 were injured by the train falling onto the freeway below.   We have been praying for the victims and their families.  Accidents are always completely, surprisingly, unexpected, and sometimes they are life changing.

Even with my dad who had been fighting cancer for over 3 years, when the actual moment came, back in 1992, I was surprised.  I remember driving on the freeway afterwards. noticing that everyone around me looked like they were going about their normal lives and I had just experienced a dramatic tragedy.  No one noticed my suffering.

Many people around us have experienced tragic events.  We don’t always notice their suffering.  The message of Christmas, the message of Jesus is to make yourself aware of what others are dealing with and try to comfort the weary and lift up the hands that hang down.

My sister Rosie posted a song on her Facebook page today that was tender and uplifting.  A father expresses his grief remembering the loss of his teenaged daughter.  Missing our loved ones, especially at the holidays can be overwhelming.  I love the message of the song.   I want to share it with you today.

Life’s experiences can be hard.  We can make it sweeter for ourselves and easier others by reaching out to to them.

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  • Jane Drabkin Posted December 22, 2017 4:45 am

    Nick’s thoughts re death are like those of the Mexicans and Day of the Dead. I love it and celebrate as does he. It is a day to welcome the loved and departed ones. Recognize them and celebrate their life as we knew it.

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