When does the Christmas Season start?

Nick has strong opinions on what he considers the correct timing of things.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and today begins the Christmas season.  First thing this morning he began singing Christmas carols.  Sometimes during the year, I tease him a little bit.  I will start singing Christmas carols when it is not between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  He won’t participate.  It is not the right season then.  However today is the day.

Other people kick off the Christmas season earlier and earlier.  Radio stations are playing music, stores are promoting early purchasing of presents and some people have had their Christmas lights blazing since before Halloween.  We are usually thinking only of costumes and candy in October.

However, here at the Gremmert’s, we begin the Christmas Season today.  First the Christmas tree is put up.  It is decorated initially, just put up.  Then the lights need to be put up outside.  Arden is grateful that it is not raining today.  After the outside lights are up, it is time to hang the snowflakes inside, then the wreaths, the stockings, followed by putting the Nativity displays together.  After they are complete the other decorations will be put up, with completing the tree as the finale.  The whole process takes a couple of days.

I don’t remember what year this schedule was created, but it is easier for Arden and I to follow Nick’s direction than to disrupt the program.  Besides he remembers all the things we are supposed to do.  We don’t even need to have a list.  Just as soon as we have completed one task, he is reminding us of what is next.

I do like the lights and the music.  And it is heartwarming to see how happy Nick is.  I do believe that Christmas is an okay thing to be a little obsessive about.

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  • Laurie Iosue Posted November 25, 2017 4:24 pm

    I could use Nick’s help here! Enjoy your special time!

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