Nick is mad at me!

We are working on getting all the Christmas decorations put up. Nick is impatient. Some of the lights need to be replaced.  He also doesn’t understand that we need to take time to sleep and eat and do work. He just wants the decorations to be done.

The main problem is that our light strings from last year were great when we put them in the box, but only one of the seven strands for the front of the house are working.  Arden put that one up so Nick could see them when he is sitting in the dining room, but when we got home tonight, he noticed that the rest of the house wasn’t lit up.  He was frustrated.

We will need to go and purchase some more.  We drove around town tonight looking at what other people had done with their homes.  The displays were beautiful.  This time I think we are going to get LED’s but Nick doesn’t understand all of that.  He just knows that it is now two days past Thanksgiving and the lights are not on the house yet.

It is cute and it makes us laugh, but it also made me think.  Are there things that I am absolutely convinced need to happen that might not appear the same to others?  Sometimes I can be obsessed about certain outcomes and in the grand scheme of things, they are probably not essential.

When I get so insistent in my mind, that it makes me upset, I am going to try and take a step back and see if the situation is like the Christmas lights.  Maybe I can gain some perspective.

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