My response surprised me!

This week we received a follow-up call from Nicks neurologist. Nicks seizure med blood levels weren’t optimal so he increased one of the doses of one of the meds. 

It is a dose Nick has taken before when we would be traveling and he needed extra meds to combat the stress of changing time zones. So we have done this before. It should have been no big deal. Except that it was. 

My eyes randomly filled up with tears. My thoughts spiraled into negativity. All the fearful things took center stage in my brain, demanding attention. 

For two days the fearful thoughts did have my attention. Then gradually my logical brain and positive sub conscious replaced the fear. 

I spent more time in prayer and reading scriptures. I reached out to family and especially Nick. I served others and took on a couple of volunteer assignments I knew I could accomplish. 

I now feel centered and balanced again. My world tilted for a few days and because of past experience I had ideas about what would help. I was surprised at how extreme my response was. It was emotional not logical. I have emerged from the dark experience and am back in the light. 

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