I am grateful.

Today being Thanksgiving in the United States, I have been thinking about gratitude.

I am grateful for a husband who understands me and treats me with kindness and compassion.

I am grateful for forgiveness, not only from Jesus, but from everyone that I know.

I am grateful for children who have courage to do what they know is right even if it is not popular.

I am grateful for family members who when given a choice to serve others or pursue selfish things, will choose to serve.

I am grateful to have hard things to do every day.  It gives me the opportunity to overcome weakness and gain strength.

I am grateful to have moments to rest from the hard things and time replenish my reservoir.

I am grateful for technology and the means to procure it so that I can do more things in my allotted time here.

I am grateful for prescription medicines and medical studies that produce them, so that Nick can experience life in its fullest.

I am grateful for expressions of love and compassion; a smile, a hug, a pat on my hand.  I know that others care about me.

I am grateful for Thanksgiving and all the amazingly good food that I will get to eat today.

I do have more than 10 things that I am grateful for, but Nick wants to start the eating part of Thanksgiving, so I will close with saying –

Life can be difficult and amazing.  I choose amazing.


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