Go Hawks! It’s Blue Friday.

Nick woke up today asking, “what day is it?”  And before we could answer him, he yelled out, “It’s Blue Friday, Game Day.”  Nick loves football and especially the Seahawks playing football.  He knows that football season is over each year in February with the Super Bowl and starts up again with the pre-season games near his birthday.

Every Friday during the year, he wears his Russell Wilson jersey to remember the Hawks.  He is truly one of the 12’s.

I took this picture this afternoon, in his room after asking him, “How do you feel about watching the game today, Nick?”  His smile tells it all.

I know that I have mentioned many times that it is important to not underestimate others abilities.  We need to make the effort to notice what is important to others and what things make them happy.  Nick may not have the verbal ability to tell me how important the Seahawks are to him, but when I take the time to notice what he does say and how he responds to situations, I know how he feels.

One of the things that I love about being in a yoga class is when the teacher in the middle of the class says, “now, breathe, now feel and observe.”  It is my opportunity to pause and check in to observe how things are for me.  I was thinking today, wouldn’t it be great if we all took that same advice and applied it to our relationships and interactions with others.  What if during conversations and experiences, I stopped, took a breath and observed how I was feeling and tried to discern how others were feeling.

I have learned to do this with Nick as I have gained the skills necessary to be his warrior mom.  I now need to learn to generalize this skill to my relationships with others.  I am working on it.

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