The road ahead is flooded.

This picture is a depiction of some of my days.  Yes, we have had some days when we woke up and actually discovered the road to town was impassable, but I was thinking figuratively today.

We can plan and organize our lives, our schedules and our appointments, and sometimes that road is unexpectedly not open for us to travel down.  What we do then both in our attitudes and actions makes a difference.

We can allow ourselves to feel that we are a victim of our circumstances or we can find a way through the difficulty.  I prefer this way, although sometimes it takes me a little while to work my thoughts around to the positive side.

I recently saw this quoted on Facebook.  “If everyday was a sunny day, the land would become a desert.”  I don’t know who originally said it, but it is certainly true.

I believe it means that we have to have rainy days in order to have abundance and balance.  I know from experience that having many rainy days in a row can cause a flood, and I am stuck.

When I recognize that I am stuck, I stop, take stock of my situation and try to move my thoughts from worry to creatively looking for a solution.  Sometimes the solution is just shifting my thoughts.  If my outlook is different, the situation looks different.  It is all perspective.

Overall the process has worked well for me.  The rainy days come into my life and I can move through them with grace.

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