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Immediately friends.

Nick loves meeting new people.  Often he will put out his hand as he says, “Hello.”  If they respond to him, he follows up with, “What is your name?”  Some people will engage with him and others seem affronted by his attempt to talk to them.

On Monday, I decided to follow his example.  Traveling on the bus in Ireland for 5 hours from Galway to Letterkenny, I struck up a conversation with two young women across the aisle from me.  From their accents, I could tell that one of them was from Australia and the other from Scotland.

From the initial question of, “Where are you traveling to?”, we had a delightful conversation that filled the hours and made the trip for me.

Nearing the end of our journey, I didn’t want it to be over, so I asked if they wanted to come to our home overnight and forgo the hostel they had planned on.  They were excited to meet Arden and Nick and happily accepted the invitation.

Arden sounded a little surprised when I phoned him to say that I had made two new friends and they were going to spend the night at our house.  However, he quickly said, that will be great.

Many times we are hesitant to reach out to others that are strangers, but I am glad that I did.  Jes and Liesl are now dear friends and our life was enriched this week by getting to know them.

Be Brave, talk to others.  Yes, you might be rejected, then again it might turn out to be amazing.

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