I thought it was a tree when I planted it!

A friend was showing me around his garden, stopping in front of a small flowering stalk, he remarked, “I thought it was a tree years ago when I planted it. But it’s not. It is lovely though!

Walking away I thought back to when I had Nick. He is not what I thought he would be all those years ago. He is lovely though.

I had so many expectations and goals for both of us.  Everyone does.

When we start down a path, we typically have a idea of where we are heading. Not everything goes as planned.

In fact some of my most memorable joyful experiences were completely unexpected.

Sometimes the unexpected is traumatic and we feel off-balance and even angry. It is important to recognize what we are feeling and then work to allow the rational mind to try and make sense of it. There are times when I can’t make sense of things and that is when faith and trust bring peace to my soul.

I don’t know all the answers but I do know that joyful moments are possible even in difficult times.


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