A life well lived.

Over the past few months we have experienced grief and the rituals surrounding the death of a loved one.

We have had our own loss and have attempted to support our friends and extended family with their losses.

Today there were two funerals, each one for a person who had lived many decades and their services were a celebration of life.  Yesterday we marked the 16th birthday of a relative who died two years ago.  And Saturday was the memorial service for our nephew who was 25 years old.

Each person leaves behind family and friends who are grieving.  The loss of their company leaves a hole in the lives of their loved ones.

As I pondered the difference in the ages and circumstances of each person, I wondered, what does it mean when someone says that the deceased had a life well lived?

It certainly isn’t just the time the person lived on the planet.  I think that it has more to do with the influence for good that the person had.

Using that measure, the two younger people have had a tremendous influence for good, even after their passing.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I feel that their young lives cut short were tragic events.  However, there is the outpouring of love and increased compassion that has been the outcome from those tragedies.  Those two young people are still an influence for good.

When I see the demonstration of love among those left behind, I believe that all four of the ones I have been thinking of had a life well lived.

I don’t want to sound morbid, I just want to live my life so that when the end comes, those that are left behind will have a joyous celebration amidst the loss.  That will mean that I had a life well lived.

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