Still Dancing.

Nick loves music and he loves to dance.  On Friday we were at a surprise ceili celebrating my 60th birthday.  My 87 year old relation, Moira “Saddler” Doherty played the piano while we all sang and danced.

Just watching Nick brought joy to the rest of us.  His feet and hands keeping time.  The smile on his face lit up the room.  Nick was calling up different ones to sing their party piece.  A few refused, but most of us complied.  Every once in a while Moira would play something for us to dance to.

Years ago, Nick would ask me to dance when there was music playing.  He had learned to keep his feet moving to the music while he twirled me.  The last time he asked me to dance was Niamh and Colm’s wedding over three years ago.  With his epilepsy, he has been so unsteady over these past few years, he hasn’t felt secure dancing.

As I sat across the room from him, I wondered, is it possible.  Can we dance again?  Crossing the room, I whispered in his ear, “shall we dance?”  He nodded his head slightly, so I helped him to his feet.  Suddenly the conversation in the room stopped as everyone became aware of this never to be forgotten occasion.  Moira was still playing and Nick was still dancing.  Photos were taken as if we were all celebrities.  As Moira finished playing the waltz, Nick backed towards the chair and said, “I done.”  He was tired, and happy.  He had danced again.

Nick has taught me that it is important to be grateful for amazing moments when they present themselves.  Live joyfully.

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