Follow your heart!

I wanted to share this story not only because I think that it is a very cute story about Nick, but also because I believe that wisdom and support can often come to us from unexpected sources if we are open to receiving it.

The other day, Nick’s younger brother Derek and I were discussing my previous blog post on parenting.   Derek was talking about how hard it is to know exactly what each child needs.  I was encouraging him, telling him that I believed he would know what to do.  To any observer, it would appear that Nick wasn’t following the conversation.  Nick was sitting next to Derek, spinning his string, slumped down, looking at the floor.

All of a sudden, Nick straightened up in his chair, turned his head, stopped spinning and looking directly at Derek, said, “Follow your heart, Derek.”  Derek and I both stopped talking, amazed again at the insight and wise words spoken by Nick.  It was simple and to the point.  Exactly what Derek needed to hear.

I have pondered that counsel the past couple of days.  What changes would I (could I) implement immediately if I was to follow my heart?  What would it be like if I truly trusted my inner wisdom and the inspiration I receive in my heart?  I have resolved to be more aware of what my heart is telling me.  I am going to follow my heart!  What impact would that have in your life if you followed your heart and trusted your instincts and decisions?

I would love to hear stories of your experiences with following your heart.  I will read them to Nick.  He likes hearing what everyone is commenting about his stories.

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