Adjusting to the new normal.

Ancient Greek philosophers taught us “The only thing that is constant is change.”  It seems that just as soon as I get used to the current changes in our lives, we are facing a new normal.  Nick has fallen a couple of times this past spring, one caused a broken ankle, the other caused a sprain on his other ankle.  The doctor determined that he needed more support in his orthotics and so we have new inserts for his boots.  They are very supportive of his ankles and are a little more difficult to put on inside his shoes.  You can see by the picture that he is not thrilled.

The new orthotics are better for Nick than the old ones.  We will all learn to adjust to the changes.  It will be ok.  We keep telling ourselves this.

For right now, what we are dealing with is, it takes a lot more time to get him ready each day and he doesn’t want to be wearing them.  They are not hurting him, they just feel different, and he doesn’t like it.

For most of us, when we experience major changes, such as major illness, or the death of a loved one or losing ones job; we realize we need extra time and support to adjust.

But what about the little changes that happen to us?  Small things like needing to get a new refrigerator, or a new car or our favorite pair of shoes is worn out?  Do we allow ourselves the time needed to adjust to those changes?  In our current culture, we expect ourselves and others to jump right into the new, to embrace the change, to be flexible.

I believe that with all changes, we need to give ourselves time to adjust.  We might even need to grieve a little for what was before we can accept what now is.

Nick will be fine with his new orthotics.  I know that he will, but right now he is in his adjustment period.  It may be a small thing to others, but it is important to him.  He has taught me the importance of embracing the entire process of change, including the part that is hard.

How do you handle changes?  Are you unrealistic in your personal expectations?  Do you cause yourself unnecessary stress?

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  • Karen Posted July 3, 2017 1:50 am

    I honestly feel that one of the greatest traits we can have in life is to be teachable. To be willing and able to change. That is not easy for most of us but it really can change our lives in such a good way. As soon as you get hard and unwilling to change everything else gets harder too. Lets all be flexible together!

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