Life is a Dance.

Sometimes lyrics will stick in my head and roll around there for days at a time.  It is as if they are my specific mantras for a little while.  Recently it has been John Michael Montgomery’s song released in 1992, “Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Don’t worry about what you don’t know.”

Much of the worry that I feel is concerned with things I either don’t know or things that I can’t change.  I have heard it said that worry is a waste of time.  Knowing both of those things, doesn’t seem to change the fact that I find myself worrying.

Oh, I stay in that worry mindset a much shorter time than I have previously in my life.  I catch myself and by repeating some of the statements and lyrics that I have become familiar with, it does help me shift my thinking from what is stressing me out towards more positive and uplifting thoughts.

I love Dori in the animated film, “Finding Nemo.”  She keeps telling herself, “Just keep swimming,” when faced with things that are difficult.  That is what I want to remember, just keep on moving, keep on dancing.  Whatever is happening today will not remain the same.  Change is something I can count on.

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