I am grateful for technology.

Change is hard for Nick. He likes to be at home either in Carnation or in Carndonagh. He is happiest when both of his parents are with him – all day long. Well to be constantly surrounded by our loved ones is not realistic so he is often disappointed. Unfortunately this also leads to anxiety for him and he perseverates with questions about the missing person. It can be difficult for the one at home care taking.

I am in NYC for a few days with my friend JoanE. We are seeing Barbra Streisand TONIGHT!!! Ok I am obviously excited. Nick is not! Arden told me that he is sad that I am gone.

I tried to talk to him on the phone and he was still not really talking to me. Last night I was able to skype with him and that did make him happy. He was talking and smiling and all was well in the world.

It made me think about how miraculous it is that we can video chat with someone thousands of miles away. Sometimes I am frustrated with the demands on my time that being connected brings and then I am reminded that there is balance in life. The blessings are there if we look for them.

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