Don’t Procrastinate, Just Do It!

We all experience this.  There is something that we need to do.  We have agreed to it.  Others are counting on us.  It is looming and for many different reasons, we put it off and do other things instead.  We know that there will be consequences that follow our procrastination, but we weigh those consequences against our choice of avoidance and we look the other way.

As a young parent, I learned rather quickly that there are some tasks that really shouldn’t be put off.  The consequences of procrastinating changing a dirty diaper to the baby were obvious and painful.  What wasn’t as obvious was the self-recrimination and guilt that I experienced when my lack of action caused another person pain.  It was the same with feeding the baby, making sure that their environment was safe, keeping a schedule.  When I followed through with the task at hand, life was better for my baby and for me.

I know to drop everything, change plans and respond immediately when Nick needs something.  The consequences of not acting immediately are dire and potentially life threatening.

I don’t know why I can’t generalize this principle of “Just do it,” into the rest of my life.  After all, I did raise 4 children and at different times have cared for my 10 grandchildren.

Still I am consistently experiencing the consequences of procrastination in other areas of responsibility.  I experience frustration, stress, shame, worry, hectic schedules and unplanned responses, guilt, incomplete assignments, as well as lack of sleep to finish projects.  Not to mention the impact on personal relationships when someone else is counting on me and I don’t complete the task.

I do know that it is impossible to be “on point,” all of the time.  Everyone needs some down time.  Also forgiveness is a blessing, especially forgiving oneself.  It’s just that I have had many health professionals over the past few years say that I need to reduce my stress and I believe them.  I have been looking at the things that are causing me stress and trying to change my life and my responses to my experiences where I can.  It is a work in progress.

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