True Love.

I love the movie “The Princess Bride.”  The dialog is incredible and there are many memorable quotes.  One of my favorites is when Wesley declares to Buttercup, “This is true love, you think this happens every day?”

The definition of true love has been at the heart of lyrics and literature since time immemorial.

Nick and Dominique Centeno have found true love.  Nick thinks about her when he is not around her.  We know this because he talks about her regularly and asks us what she is doing.  Although non-verbal, Dominique completely expresses her joy when she sees Nick by her tremendous whole-body smile.  They love sitting next to one another in companionable silence.   Just look at the picture we took yesterday during a school outing.

Because of their individual challenges, they are not able to do the things that we typically connect with the expression of true love.  Yet if you have the privilege of sitting in a room with them, you will feel it.   It is tangible.

I have learned that true love is not about doing anything, it is about feeling everything.  It is peaceful, joyful, and incredible.  It is having a complete acceptance of the other person, caring for them, having concern for them and their well-being.  True love is unconditional, with no expectations or limitations.

It seems that as mankind seeks for true love, Nick lives it.  Nick experiences true love for many many people.  He expresses his true love for others both publicly and privately.  It is another lesson I have learned from him.

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