Regular visits to the Doctors.

Today we had our semi-annual visit with Nick’s neurologist at Swedish.  His name is Dr. Doherty.  We think that he is awesome, and not only just  because of his name.  I was thinking today as we left his office how grateful I am for medical professionals who are very competent in their profession, and are very compassionate and caring when treating our Nick.  Their service has really made a tremendous impact on our lives.

One of the biggest blessings to us is our access to them when we are having an urgent and immediate need such as during one of Nick’s extended seizure episodes.  It is very comforting to be able to talk to a professional who is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but who is also calm and reassuring during those crisis moments.

A less obvious one is the amazing resource the medical professionals have been for us over the years.  Arden and I go into our regular scheduled appointments with our notepads and pens ready to take down the answers to our list of current questions.  Being able to draw upon this wellspring of information has really affected Nick’s quality of life in a big way.

Arden and I try to let the doctors, nurses and therapists know how much we appreciate their dedicated service as they hone their craft and increase their knowledge.  I personally know how much effort it takes me each year to keep up to date with the current tax law changes and business trends in my profession.  I can’t imagine how much time it takes for Nick’s doctors to keep on top of all the new information in their field of expertise.  There are new drug therapies introduced regularly.  New research studies are outlined and started, which then requires constant updating while following the outcomes.

Some of the things that are written about in the press as being the newest and greatest therapies aren’t as effective as originally reported and the doctors need to be aware of all these facts when making decisions about what might help their patients.  Today Dr. Doherty was commenting on his view that each patient is so unique that blanket treatment plans are not effective in helping everyone, even with similar diagnoses.

I am grateful that Nick’s doctors make huge efforts to know our Nick as an individual.  They understand not only his particular diagnosis, they also know his likes and dislikes, what his goals are, and include him in the medical discussions that center on him.

I hope we can all treat each other as individuals too, earnestly striving to treasure the unique lives we all lead.  May we seek to know and understand each other and celebrate together.

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