Nick is doing great, I am getting there!

After almost 2 days of watching him closely, it seems that his ankle is only sprained and as long as he has on his high top hiking boots, he can walk.  This is a huge relief.  We are being careful with him but he is doing ok.

I am very grateful to have received all the well wishes and messages of support over the last two days.  As I read the heartfelt comments I realized that it was not easy for me to accept the compliments even though I was feeling so empty inside.

Then a huge realization dawned upon me.  I can’t fill that empty feeling inside with external comments and feelings.  The feelings and healings must come from me.

So that is my work, to give myself the same support and encouragement and love that all of my friends have shown me over the years, but especially over the last couple of days.

Brene Brown teaches that the fear of disconnection (aka shame) will always exist, and that we can practice shame-resilience everyday.  Shining light on shame will bring it out of darkness.  She says, “Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”   I have learned a lot from reading her books and listening to her TED talks.

I love this chance I have to share my thoughts on this blog.  Thank you for reading it and connecting with me.

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