Keep on learning.

Nick loves being around little children.  He enjoys watching them run around playing.  He learns so much from them.  Last night we had the pleasure of Madi who is 8 and Bridger who is 4, staying over night with Granny, Grandpa and Uncle Nick.  We ate good food.  There was some healthy food, but mostly good food.  We sat in the hot tub, and we played. We had a plastic bowling pin tournament and ring toss tournament.  There was a dance party and story time.  Nick loved it all.

When we were settling down to get ready for bed, I saw Nick do something new.  It was incredible.  Bridger was on the floor playing with his super hero figurines and Madi’s stuffed animals.  He was playacting, each character was talking to the other characters.  They were saving the world.  Nick was watching and was holding one of his small model airplanes.  He looked down at the plane in his hand and then looked up at Bridger and then he said the most amazing thing.  He said, “I a jet pilot, I coming to save the world too.”  He was using his imagination.  It was another developmental milestone that just naturally happened.  Of course he is 33 years older than Bridger, so it had taken a while, but it happened.  I was so excited.  Quietly excited, mind you, I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

I believe that everyone can learn new things no matter how old they are.  Nick continually proves this to me.

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