Defining Success.

How do you define success?  What does great accomplishment look like in your view?  Oh, we all have read about people with great athletic prowess, while others are super intellectuals, and still others accumulate great wealth.  Are these accomplishments truly the only examples of success?

I have been at Nick’s side for over 37 years as he has reached unexpected milestone after unexpected milestone.  He has taught me that there are many definitions of success.

Success is learning to walk when you are 3 years old.  Success is learning to swim after taking weekly private lessons for 6 years.  Success is being able to finally feed yourself when you are 9 years old.  Success is being able to read a talk in church that you wrote yourself when you are 17 years old.

For Nick, each of these accomplishments came much later in his life than is typical for most people and after much more effort and work than most of us put in.

He still is working on learning new things.  During his private yoga class he often surprises his teacher, Kelly Rush of Two Rivers Yoga.  Each week, at the beginning of class, she asks him what poses he wants to do.  He always has an answer to her question.

Some of the poses are more advanced than he can do immediately.  I have noticed that she doesn’t ask him what he can do, and he is answering her question of what he does want to do.  As with many many things in his life, Nick is anticipating and looking forward to what he hopes to do some day.  He is patiently working towards accomplishing these new tasks.

By observing Nick, I have learned a new definition of success – “Dream Big, Work Steadily with Patience, and you will Accomplish Much.”

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