Simple Pleasures.

Nick and other people like him can teach us profound lessons, if we are aware and paying attention.  One of the easiest things to notice about Nick is that he finds joy in simple pleasures.  He loves it when people are laughing.  He loves to hug others and receive hugs.  He loves to blow bubbles.  And it is even better when there are little kids running around laughing and popping the bubbles as he blows them.

Blowing bubbles is not an easy task to learn.  Oh I know there are lots of kids who get the concept pretty early.  The skill is often practiced just before the first birthday so that parents can get “the picture.”  You know, the picture of the baby blowing out the candle on the first birthday cake.  Google it, you will be amazed, there are even videos on YouTube to help parents get this done.  By the time the kids are two, they usually have it down pat.

For many years, we would ask other kids to help Nick blow out his candles because he couldn’t do it.  Just before his 7th birthday, Nick finally gained the skill.  My sister Rosie made a wonderful birthday cake with a road made out of icing and Hot Wheel cars on the race track.  It was amazing.  Nick was so excited.  He blew out all of the candles, one by one.  Then he asked, “Do it again?”  We thought, why not?  This was a big deal.  We re-lit the candles many, many times.  We were all laughing and crying at the same time.

He was able to transfer the candle blowing skill to blowing bubbles from a wand.  He will sit for hours in the spring and summer, enjoying himself.  Often he will blow one bubble at a time, watch it go up in the air and float away.  Sometimes he will comment on where he thinks that each bubble is going.  Commonly, they are going to friends houses, other times, they are going to Ireland or Denver or … If they pop before they disappear, it makes him laugh.  And when Nick is laughing it is contagious, everyone laughs with him.

I believe that we all need to figure out what brings us that level of enjoyment.  We often get so busy with life that we miss out on simple pleasures.  Pursue what brings you joy, whether it is taking a walk, reading a book, or visiting with a friend.  If those things don’t do it for you, try blowing bubbles.  It is pretty fun.

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