“It’s hard!”

Sometimes when Arden and I are talking to someone else, Nick appears to not be paying attention to the conversation.  I have wondered if he is bored or if he is having some non-generalized seizures.  Whatever the reason, he is not engaged in the conversation and then all of a sudden he will blurt out a few words or a short sentence that is profound.

That is what happened this morning.  We were talking with Arden’s brother Darren about trying to see things in a positive light when going through difficult situations.   Each of us had agreed that our responses to situations are governed by our thoughts.

Suddenly, Nick said, “It’s hard.”  I noticed what he had said, but we all kept on talking.  Again Nick said, “It’s hard.”  I turned to him and asked, “What is hard Nick?”  Darren and Arden stopped talking to hear his answer.  “It’s hard,” He paused and then continued, “It’s hard to change thoughts in your mind.”  I couldn’t believe it, he was spot on.  It is hard to change our thoughts.  It is important to try though.  What we think about impacts our perspective on our circumstances.  It can be uplifting or can drag us down.

The tone of our conversation changed after hearing what Nick had to say.  He sat there with a huge smile on his face, nodding at each of us, as we were actively discussing this concept.  He had gotten his point across.  It really was incredible.  Again I was amazed at the insight Nick had.

After 37 years, I should know by now that he is always listening and he has valuable wisdom to share.  I do believe that it is important to take the time to hear what others have to say, and I have been blessed when I have.

Life can be like riding on the merry-go-round.  Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.  It is important to figure out how to enjoy the ride.

If you know someone who loves someone who had a disability and would benefit when this book comes out, please share this with them.  In order to get a book agent and work with a publisher, I need to increase my readership on this blog.

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