I got a joke!

Years ago, when Nick was still in high school, he began noticing social conversations more and more and wanted to participate.  Often after dinner, someone in our family would say, “did you hear the one about…” which would indicate that the story telling amateur comedy hour had begun with everyone seated around our dining room table.  Nick would jump in, “I got a joke.” and we would say, “ok, what is your joke, Nick.”  He would tell a Knock Knock joke about oranges and we would all laugh.

This went on for a few years, the same old joke over and over.  Then one day shortly after Ryan had gotten his commercial Pilots license, Nick had a different question instead of “Knock Knock?” for his joke.

He said, “Why the pilot not land the airplane?”  Everyone stopped talking and I said, “I don’t know Nick, Why did the pilot not land the airplane?”  He sat there for a few moments and I was afraid that he didn’t have an answer.  I was mistaken.  He did have an answer, he was just using a dramatic comedic pause for effect.  I didn’t understand that.

He looked straight at me and said, “He forgot to!”  He had made up a joke and was poking fun at Ryan and his new career as a commercial pilot.  Again we had underestimated Nick and we were all amazed.

He still tells that same joke and has made up two others.  So now days, he has a short comedy routine that he performs when others are sitting around telling jokes.  Often if his audience is not familiar with the script, Arden or I will interpret for Nick so that others can get the jokes.  If everyone there knows Nick and the jokes, someone will always play the part of his straight man.

We all have fun and I am so proud of him and his creative abilities.  I am so grateful that he can communicate with us.  He makes me laugh, and that enriches my life.

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