“I am walking now.”

We got some great news today.  After reviewing new x-rays, the doctor said that Nick’s ankle is healed up and he can retire his walking air cast.  I thought that Nick would show more excitement when he heard the news.  I think that the doctor wondered if Nick understood what was happening.  We took the boot off and put on his shoe and sock.  We did still have him in the wheelchair because even on good days, he can’t walk too far.

On the way home we called both his brother Ryan and sister Karen to share the good news, but he hardly spoke to them.  I was encouraging him to talk to them and when he did tell them that he was done with the boot, he didn’t sound too enthusiastic.  It wasn’t until about 30 minutes later when we arrived at home, that it appeared he finally realized that he was really done.

We opened the car door and helped him get out. At first he stood there, then he took one step forward and stopped.  Speaking very loudly, he said, “I walking, I am walking, now.”  He began heading for the house as he kept repeating himself.  I think that it had finally sunk in that his ankle was healed.  I made him walk back by the car to take a picture of the occasion.

I think that perhaps we are all a bit like that.  Whenever there is a big change in our lives, it can take a while for our brains to process the new normal.

I am excited for Nick and for us.  Life is much simpler when the broken bones have healed.

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