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Over the years, Arden and I have often heard the comment, “I don’t know how you guys do it.  I couldn’t do it.”  I believe the secret to our success in caring for our Nick all these years, is that God has placed people in our life that have given us support and love.

Some have come into our life in their professional capacity as doctors and therapists, others have been paid caregivers.  Cargivers have come into our home, they have traveled with us around the world.  Usually they become dear friends.  We know we can count on them, we rely on them, we trust them.  We feel of their great concern and compassion for us and for Nick.

Some of them we don’t see anymore and we miss them.  Others are still part of our lives and continue to bless us, even if they are not still working with Nick in a professional capacity.

I believe that these acts of service creates a bond between the person giving the service and the person receiving it.  We certainly have known this to be true.

Take a moment to thank those in your life that help and support you.  We need each other.

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